Advocating, Educating & Partnering for Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

2012 Bills of Interest

SB 6384 Employment First 

2015 Bills of Interest

HB 1636 Disability Employment in State Agencies 
SB 5679 Transition Services for Special Education Students 

Division of Vocational RehabilitationRehab Grant State Match fully funded

2018 Outstanding Legislators

2016 Outstanding Legislators
Senator Cyrus Habib  -  48th Legislative District
Senator Andy Hill  -  45th Legislative District

Senator Rosemary McAuliffe  -  1st Legislative District
Senator Linda Evans Parlette  -  12th Legislative District
Representative Ruth Kagi  -  32nd Legislative District
Representative Tana Senn  -  41st Legislative District

Representative Christine Kilduff  -  28th Legislative District 

Representative Noel Frame  - 36th Legislative District 

2016 Bills of Interest

HB 2323 State implementation of ABLE Act

HB 2394 Statewide expansion of Parent to Parent program

SB 6466 Removing obstacles for higher education for students with disabilities

2013 Legislative Session

2017 Outstanding Legislators

Employment First Champions
Senator Joe Fain - 47th Legislative District

Senator Karen Keiser - 33rd Legislative District
Representative Ruth Kagi  -  32nd Legislative District

Representative Christine Kilduff  -  28th Legislative District 
Representative Tana Senn  -  41st Legislative District

Budget Champions

Senator John Braun - 20th Legislative District
Senator Sharon Brown - 8th Legislative District
Senator Dino Rossi - 45th Legislative District
Representative Frank Chopp - 43rd Legislative District

Representative Timm Ormsby - 3rd Legislative District
Representative Bruce Chandler - 15th Legislative District

Representative Gina McCabe - 14th Legislative District

2015 Legislative Session

legislative action

CEA’s Outstanding Legislator Award honors the

Washington State Legislators who have made exceptional efforts

to support employment for people with disabilities

2014 Bills of Interest

SB 5958 School-to-Work for Students with Disabilities

Added 1,000 new Basic Plus Waivers

2016 Legislative Session

Community Employment Alliance is grateful Representative Christine Kilduff, Senator Joe Fain, and Representative Tana Senn for their work on employment opportunities for all people with disabilities in the 2018 legislative session! 

2015 Outstanding Legislators
Senator Joe Fain - 47th Legislative District
Senator Cyrus Habib - 48th Legislative District
Senator Andy Hill - 45th Legislative District
Senator Rosemary McAuliffe - 1st Legislative District
Senator Linda Evans Parlette - 12th Legislative District
Senator Tim Sheldon - 35th Legislative District
Representative Ross Hunter - 48th Legislative District
Representative Ruth Kagi - 32nd Legislative District
Representative Drew MacEwen - 35th Legislative District
Representative Chad Magendanz - 5th Legislative District
Representative Chris Reykdal - 22nd Legislative District
Representative Tana Senn - 41st Legislative District
Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos - 37th Legislative District

2012 Legislative Session
2018 Legislative Priorities

2014 Legislative Session

Person Centered Approach to High School Special Education Students Transitioning to Adulthood
The quality of services for students with disabilities transitioning to adulthood is inconsistent across WA State. Roughly half of the students leaving K-12 schools who have an intellectual disability or behavior disorder are not employed, continuing with post-secondary education, or in a training program one year after graduation. These youth need access to high quality transition services that will help develop a meaningful High School and Beyond Plan including a robust Discovery process to achieve successful transition outcomes.

The Legislature should include Person-Centered Planning and Discovery processes in K12 transition services statewide, starting as early as age 14 (in accordance with the Federal Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA)) to help the transition team to set goals and identify services, such as experiential and work-based learning, that meet the full range of needs of students with disabilities.

 We ask the Legislature to support the OSPI Budget Request to increase the Special Education Program excess cost multiplier (established in 1995) from .9309 of the district’s base allocation per full time equivalent student to 1.09 which is more reflective of national averages for special education services.
FY 2019 - $1.3m

Eliminate Sub Minimum Wage Certificates for people with disabilities

People with disabilities can legally be paid less than the minimum wage in Washington State.

Sub minimum wage is a historical exemption and it is time to see people with disabilities as fully contributing citizens who are eligible for the same protections as any other employees.

We ask the legislature to adopt a phase out plan to eliminate Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 296-126-010 & 296-126-015, which allow exceptions to minimum wage for people with disabilities.

Mark your calendars for the following important dates:

  • December 3rd, Committee Days in Olympia: RHC work session and 2019 budget preview

  • January16th, Legislative Briefing at 2pm at United Churches; Legislative Reception with The Arc of Washington, Columbia Room, 5:30-7:30pm
  • February 6th,Employment for All Advocacy Day, 10am at United Churches (more details to come soon).

2013 Budget
Preservation of employment funds
Preservation of state only employment
Additional 734 waiver spots for special education graduates transitioning to employment

2013 Bills of Interest

Introduced SB 5330 - Improving student achievement and student outcomes (passed in 2014)