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Advocating, Educating & Partnering for Employment Opportunities for

People with Disabilities

Extraordinary efforts have been made to
improve job opportunities for people with disabilities. Yet, their unemployment rate remains dishearteningly high.

Fortunately, new and promising ideas are being tried with great success to recruit more employees with disabilities, convince more employers of the value of hiring those with disabilities, and secure more help from government to make these moves possible.

When the organizations that serve this population work together, we speak with one, powerful voice to encourage these positive changes.

We can also learn from each other about the best ways to make our organizations thrive and serve people with disabilities as effectively as possible.

There is so much to be gained when we join together.

And that is why we are here.

Are you in?

Community Employment

starts with a presumption that a

person with a disability can work


It is assumed that individuals are

capable of working, and

employment in the general workforce

should be the first option pursued

for individuals with disabilities

receiving assistance from

publicly funded systems.


Under Employment First,

assistance to find a job in the community,

and become a tax-paying citizen,

is the preferred choice.


Simply put, Employment First means

real jobs at real wages.


Studies have shown that the vast

majority of individuals with disabilities

prefer to work in the community,

regardless of the level of their disability.


It has been continuously shown

that with assistance, accommodations,

and encouragement,

many more people with disabilities

can work successfully in the community.